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Quran Sciences: Manzoomat az Zamzami – Ijaaza Course with Dr Mamdouh MaHMOUD

The Quran & it's Sciences Final (500x773)

The Retreat organizes programing introducing attendees to the academic side of Islam in a community-based setting. It aims to develop a generation of educationally and ethically competent community activists by providing longitudinally progressive educational and mentorship opportunities by qualified and experienced instructors, Imams, scholars, community organizers, and activists.


Manzumat uz Zamzami is a poem composed by the learned scholar, Abdul-Azeez az-Zamzami (d.976H/1568CE). Imam az-Zamzami based his poem on the ‘Uloom al-Quran‘ (Sciences of the Qur-aan) component of al-Imam as-Suyooti’s ‘an-Nuqaayah’. Imam az-Zamzami presented that section in poem format, with the aim of providing a concise explanation of some of the main aspects of the ‘Uloom al-Quran’ and ‘Usool at-Tafseer’, along with the addition of explanations and examples. He included many topics such as: the rulings of translation, revelation, gathering & transmission, language etc.

The poem consists of 158 couplets. It covers 55 topics; divided into 6 modules.

This poem is taught and studied in many parts of the Muslim world, especially in the centers of higher learning. It was part of the elementary syllabus in some of the institutions of Islamic learning in the later Ottoman Empire, and still is in some of the Islamic schools in the Arab and South-East Asian Muslim world.


The course is a 6-8 hour explanation of this text going over all the modules and topics. Those who attend the entirety of the course and fulfill the course requirements will received an ijaaza certificate denoting their completion of studying the course with Dr. Mamdouh. Upon the completion of the instructional portion a short review (if needed & requested) followed by an assesment will take place. Those who satisfactorily complete the assesment per instructor standards will be given the ijaaza, otherwise a certificate of completion will be granted.


This course is for anyone serious about attaining the next level of gaining Islamic knowledge beyond usual community offerings, in an academic environment. High school, college, young professionals, and adults are all encouraged and welcome to participate.

When & where will it take place?

This course will take place only ONLINE due to instructor’s busy schedule and other commitments.

NOV 5,12, & 19

Google Meet Link provided upon Registration & Recordings available for review and missed classes for 4 weeks after completion of course!



Mamdouh Mahmoud graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo in 1994 with a B.A. in Islamic Studies and English Literature. He has studied extensively with various scholars, acquiring the knowledge and certification to teach diverse topics within the Islamic Sciences including fiqh, hadith, Arabic, and Qur’anic Studies, aqeedah, tafseer, morals, seerah, and family matters.

In his professional career, he has served as an imam of various mosques in Houston and Minneapolis. he also served as volunteer Muslim Chaplain and contract Imam with the Federal and State Prison Systems as well as the first Muslim chaplain working with pastoral care at UTMB-Galveston. He is currently serving as the Resident Imam and scholar since March 2017 where he directs all educational and religious activities and provides counseling and advice on matters of fiqh.

He is also a founding member of the Islamic University of Minnesota, the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of Minnesota (IJCM), the Quraa (Quran reciters) Association of America, and a member of the North American Imam Federation (NAIF).


Course Fees are $75/person