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Welcome to the Winter INTENSIVE 2021

The Retreat is dedicated to organize programing introducing attendees to the academic side of Islam in a community-based setting. It aims to develop a generation of community activists by providing mentorship by qualified and experienced instructors, Imams, community organizers, and activists.

This year’s Winter Intensive will discuss the historical development & evolution of various Islamic fields, sciences, and groups. We will approach them from the angle of Beliefs, Quran, Modes of Recitation, Arabic, Jurisprudence, and Hadith Studies.


The Retreat is for anyone who is serious about reaching to the next level of gaining Islamic knowledge beyond usual community offerings, in an academic environment. High school, college, young professionals and adults are all encouraged and welcome to participate.

WHen & where will it take place?

This year’s Winter Intensive will take place December 23 to 26. and courses will start Thursday at 5:30pm to 9pm, and Friday Saturday & Sunday starting at 10am,  ending at 9:00 PM.

This year’s Winter Intensive will take place at the River Oaks Islamic Center (ROIC) located at 3110 Eastside St, Houston, TX 77098

How much does it cost?

The price to attend is $90 Early Bird until Dec. 12, regular $120/person.

Link to Payment: https://dotheretreat.com/product-category/payment/


A notebook with pre-printed course notes from instructors will be provided, so bring any other note taking necessities: laptop, pens, as well as a re-useable water bottle & snacks.

financial Aid

We are committed to accommodating every student irrespective of their financial means. To apply for financial aid, please fill out the Financial Aid Form and we will follow up with you inshaAllah.


A Journey with the Quran: The Development of Tafseer with Dr. Hanaa Gamal 

This course will highlight the steps involved in the exegesis of the Quran, from the beginning of revelation till the tafaseer we have in our hands today. It will discuss the efforts and the processes that were taken for Quranic interpretation, along with mentioning the people who facilitated this process throughout Islamic history.


Transformation: Evolution of Fiqh & Madhahib with Sh. Anisul Haque

This course provides attendees a perspective on the inception and development of Jurisprudence as a science throughout Islamic history. Topics covered include the advancement of Islamic legal theory from the time of the Prophet (PBUH) till our times, key individuals and their contributions, the impact of politics, conflicts and cultures on fiqh as a science, and an analysis of the expansion, eventual stagnation and subsequent revival of the legal schools.


History of Sects in Islam with Dr. Waleed Baysouni

An in-depth study of the major sects of Islam, how they started and how their beliefs came to be. We will also be studying how the Sunni-Shia divide started and how it has impacted the Muslim Ummah throughout the years.


Stairs to Jannah: Preservation of the Sunnah with Ustadh Salman Ghani

This course is an in-depth study of the preservation of the Sunnah, from the time of the Prophet (saws) himself to the time of the Sahabah, the Tabi’een and those who followed them in collecting, preserving and transmitting it. Special attention will be devoted to the science of isnaad, the Golden Era of Ḥadeeth Scholarship, the famous hadeeth collections, the men and women who compiled them and how the transmission of hadeeth has evolved throughout the ages. The course ends with a thorough look at the various attempts to subvert, discredit and downright reject the Sunnah, and how the noble hadeeth scholars countered such attacks.


The History of Palestine with Ismail Abdullah

This course will cover a comprehensive history of Palestine from ancient to medieval to modern times. We will learn the often overlooked blessings of Palestine mentioned in the Quran and hadith. We will do a deep dive into the many different prophets, religions, conquerors, great empires, and movements that shaped Palestine leading to its current day situation. We will learn about the successes, failures, victories, and defeats of the Muslims in Palestine while deriving lessons from their causes that will inspire our future success. We will end with an eye-opening account of the instructor’s personal trip to Palestine.


The Language of History with Sh. Usman Fuad

Join us as we explore the history of the language of the Qur’an. How did the Arabic language and style evolve throughout history? How has the world evolved to teach this beautiful language? When one begins to understand the preservation of Arabic, does he or she see the weight of the words of the greatest miracle- the Qur’an? 


The Fitnah with Sh. Kamal ElMekki

This course describes the events during the period of The Rightly-Guided Caliphs. The series of events that occurred during the latter half of the caliphate of Uthman and that of Ali radiAllahu anhuma have left a lasting impact on our ummah. We will learn about why large sections of the ummah disagreed with each other and what were the premises for those disagreements. In other words, this course serves as a Genesis for the rest of the Retreat program, a nice segue into all other courses.

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD, is the Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute and Head of the Islamic Theology and Ethics Department. Students know him well for his sincere care for their well-being and progress in study.  He graduated with a Bachelor in Islamic Sciences from Al-Imam Muhammad University (KSA), did his Master’s in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects from Al-Imam Muhammad University, and achieved a Doctorate in Theology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni has made numerous appearances in media around the world including CNN, Islam Channel, and Al-Huda Channel. He is an Imām, and active member of a number of Islamic organizations and Islamic Societies such as NAIF, and is a Director of the Texas Da‘wah Convention. Shaykh Waleed also gives fatwa as a member of the American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA).

Dr. hanaa Gamal

Dr. Hanaa Gamal is a teacher of Tafsir and Quranic Sciences who completed her undergraduate studies from Al-Azhar University in Cairo as salutatorian of her class. She earned her master’s degree from the American Open University in Islamic Sciences, and completed her Doctorate in Qur’anic Interpretation at Mishkah University.

She is the founder and an instructor of the Quran Quest Institute in Houston, Texas, which specializes in teaching Tafsir and Quranic sciences and tajweed, as well as provides various Hifz programs for women.

Shaykh Anisul Haque

Shaykh Anis was raised in Houston, Texas. He memorized the Quran at age 10, and by age 12 he led Taraweeh prayers for the next 16 years. He also taught the Quran at various masajid around Houston.  After graduating with a Bachelors in Management Information Systems from the College of Business at the University of Houston he went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah, receiving a diploma in Arabic Language and a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Shariah in Fiqh and Usool and ijazahs in various sciences from Masjid Al-Nabawi. After 6 years in Madinah he moved to KL, Malaysia where he taught at Seven Skies Islamic International School. He is currently living in Houston, TX and serves as the Program Enhancement Coordinator at Maryam Qur’an Academy.

Shaykh Osman Fuad

Osman Fuad, born and raised in Houston, began his studies with memorizing the Quran at Masjid Bilal. Soon after completing his hifdh he began studying Arabic locally while teaching Hifdh.. He embarked on a six year study of the Islamic sciences starting in Chicago, and then in Karachi, Pakistan. He studied under many luminaries, the most prominent being Mufti Taqi Uthmani, Mufti Rafi’ Uthmani, Maulana Mahmoud Ashraf amongst others. Since graduating from Darul Uloom Karachi, he returned to Houston and has been actively teaching at ROIC, Masjid Salam, and BHA

He currently serves as the Arabic, Quran, & Islamic Studies Department head for Brighter Horizons Academy & is the Texas representative for Tayba Foundation.



Shaykh Kamal has been dubbed the Black Belt of Da‘wah. With decades of experience in the Da‘wah scene, he combines his ground-breaking teaching style with his own dash of humor, certain to leave students feel at ease & entertained, but above all skilled and empowered.

Shaykh Kamal is known best for his workshop “How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes”, a 6-hour workshop designed to empower MSAs and Dawah organizations in the art of Da‘wah. His lectures and online videos (targeting contemporary challenges) have also gained popular fame and positive impact among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Educated at the hands of numerous prominent Islamic scholars from across the world, Shaykh Kamal also has dynamic experience in the secular world. He is currently the Youth Director at CLIC in Houston, TX.

Ismail Abdullah

Ismail Abdullah is the son of African-American converts to Islam. His mother is Sonia Chinn, the current Executive Director of Taiba. He has a bachelor’s degree in Statistics. He is a student of knowledge, regular khateeb at many Houston masjids, volunteer prison chaplain, and active volunteer in charity and dawah work. He loves learning and traveling and has a special interest in Islamic history. He’s currently a student at Suhbah Institute’s Seminary.


Ustadh Salman Ghani has a Bachelors in Islamic Studies from AlMaghrib Institute. He harbors a deep interest in finance and is working on his Masters Thesis in Islamic financial management. He occasionally consults Muslim businessmen and women on their wealth planning goals and investment portfolios. He resides in Houston, Texas with his family, and works as a Project Engineer for a large IT firm.